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Other Work

   Alice and Brad bring a wealth of experience from other works outside of their long collaboration having both produced and directed documentaries, music videos, on-camera hosting, feature film trailers, international co-productions, convention presentations and coverage and travel videos to name a few. Their broad scope of work has taken them all around the world and in some cases, cameras outside of it!
  1. ABSOLUTE EVEL "The Evil Knievel Story"(clip)
    A clip from a two hour documentary about the legendary daredevil, Even Knievel. This was the last film about Evel before his death.
  2. SPACE MILLINEUM (trailer)
    An international documentary co-production between NHK JAPAN and PBS about whether intelligent life exists outside of planet earth. This production was two years in the making and spanned the globe.
  3. MOULIN ROUGE "The Nightclub of Your Dreams" (clip)
    A clip from a one hour HBO "First Look" documentary about Biz Luhrman's groundbreaking feature film, MOULIN ROUGE.
    Produced for Dreamworks Studio to correspond with the release of the Michael Mann's feature COLLATORAL, this Tom Cruise retrospective was sent with screeners of the film for the Oscar campaign that year.
  5. POPDEFECT - "Brenda Day"
    A music video for Los Angeles indie band POPDEFECT. FUN FACT: The giant fist featured in the video was actually a prop requisitioned from the set of the "Power Rangers" TV show.
  6. Japanese American Saga (trailer)
    PBS & The Smithsonian wanted a trailer to use as a litmus test to gauge national interest in a multi-part big budget documentary series about Japanese American history.
  7. INSIDE PASSAGE (clip)
    A PBS documentary about Alaska’s Inside Passage inspired by the writings of author Jonathan Raban.
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